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O.W. Best Counseling Department

School Counselors provide short-term, solution-based counseling centered around academics, career development, and social-emotional needs.  Counselors assist students who are having social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties which impact their learning. Middle School Counselors provide a link between home, school, and community. School Counselors are also trained in Crisis Counseling and can provide appropriate referrals as needed. 

O.W. Best students are assigned a counselor alphabetically. Students can arrange to see his/her counselor by using the Appointment links below.  Parents are invited to call their child’s counselor to set up an appointment if they have any concerns throughout the school year. 

Kerry Herd -- 313-203-3198
Counselor to students with the last names beginning with the letters A-I
Herd Counseling appointment
Kelley Giles-- 313-203-3199
Counselor to students with the last names beginning with the letters J-Z
Ms. Giles appointment button

Beaumont Counseling Services

O.W. Best offers outside counseling services through Beaumont.  If you would like to refer your child for therapy/counseling services provided at school through Beaumont, please contact Toriann Lawrence at [email protected] or at (313) 203-3242.

Counseling Resources

A list of agencies in the area that provide Crisis Counseling and Adolescent Counseling can be found by clicking on this link.

Career Development and Educational Development Plans (EDP)

What is an Educational Development Plan (EDP)?

An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is a document showing a student’s current interests, abilities, and career pathways.  It is a comprehensive plan that covers not only academic and career interests, but talents and skills. 

Why have an EDP?

The State of Michigan requires that students must be given the opportunity to create an EDP beginning in the 7th grade and revise it appropriately throughout their educational schooling thereafter.  An EDP is designed to assist students to identify career development goals, skills and talents, and learn about the various educational opportunities available to them after graduation. 

How can students start/update their EDP?

Counselors meet with students starting in 6th grade.  In 6th grade, students are introduced to Xello. In 7th grade, students begin their EDP and Talent Portfolio on Xello. In 8th Grade, they discover which Careers match best with their interests. 8th graders also update their EDP and create educational and career goals.

To find out more about Xello you may view the

Xello Introduction to Xello and this Parent Letter.

Xello Student Experience

Parent Involvement

You are encouraged to explore Xello with your child.  Students have access to their accounts and can login at home and explore their EDP with you. Your child can log in to his or her account via desktop or mobile device to share what they have learned about themselves, the world of work, and their future options. 

Below is the student link to login to Xello: