Week of May 3, 2021

The week of May 3, 2021


B day hours 1. 5-7

M-Step 6th grade- 7th and 8th grade are virtual 8:00-2:50


A day 1-4  

Virtual 1/2 day for everyone due to election

Progress Report grades viewable on Parent/Student Connect


B day hours 1. 5-7

M-Step 7th-grade Virtual day for 6th and 8th grade  8:00- 2:50 

Check grades & Pulse Reports for in-person kids  


A day 1-4  


B day hours 1. 5-7

Looking Ahead...

  • May 10- 6th and 8th grade make-up day. Only 6th and 8th graders making up or finishing the M-STEP attend in-person by invitation only. Virtual Day for all students not making up the M-STEP

  • May 12- Virtual 1/2 day

  • May 13- M- Step 7th grade make-up day. Only 7th graders making up or finishing M-STEP attend in person by invitation only Virtual Day for 6th through 8th graders not making up the M-STEP

  • May 27- Virtual 1/2 day

  • May 28 NO SCHOOL

  • May 31 NO SCHOOL

  • Temperature checks will occur before students enter the building. 
  • ParentConnect-  it is best to go through the D7 website- https://www.district7.net/
  • Absent phone calls have started. Please be sure if your child is online, that they are doing the attendance question daily.  If your child is marked absent, please contact the teacher of that class. 
  • Please be sure to check Parent/Student Connect weekly if not more.
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